4 Best Rock Climbing Shoes for Mens

Rock climbing is not only a healthy activity, its also a passion owned by several enthusiast young people in the world. Bouldering passion is satisfied when we have proper gear for rock climbing. Rock climbing shoes are the first thing, which you should buy, when you are ready to start climbing the rocks.

Rock climbing shoes are available in different colors and quality online. Therefore when you want to buy a bouldering gear, be careful to choose the right shoes for you. We had several requests from our readers to write a guide on choosing a right pair of shoes to climb rocks. So we have decided to right a detail guide on it.

What are Rock Climbing Shoes Used for?

Best Rock Climbing ShoesOrdinary shoes are manufactured while keeping in mind the flat pitch. Where as boulder shoes are used to climb rocks. You can not use casual shoes at home for rock climbing since they will let you slip from the rocks and may endanger your life at some occasions. Where bouldering shoes are made of a material which fit to your feet well and are slip resistant on rocks.

Did you see other mountaineers, who climb on difficult rocks? Yes, they use special footwear, which make them stay on the edges and do not slip.

How to Choose Best Shoes for Rock Climbing

There are thousands of shoes available online for rock climbing. Its becoming really difficult to for us to choose the right pair for you. We have researched for our readers and found 4 best rock climbing shoes, so our readers could easily choose the right pair for them.

1. La Sportiva Men’s TarantuLace

This is superior and popular brand. Personally, I love this pair. These shoes will not only let you stay comfortable all the day, it will also make you confident when you toe or smear the rocks while climbing.


  • Fast lacing system which will let you quickly lace up your shoes on the go.
  • Advance Toe will allow you to smear, toe and hook while hiking on the rocks.
  • Comfortable from gyms to the craigs. You will feel as much comfortable as you wear on casual shoes.


  • The price is a bit upside.
  • These shoes are specifically designed for mens.

2. Mad Rock Mad Monkey Climbing Shoe

Mad Monkey is a well known brand for rock climbing shoes. This pair of shoes is really awesome when you want to quickly wear them on. These shoes are laceless, so you can wear them as much quicker as to pull them on.


  • Laceless feature allows you to quickly pull on these shoes.
  • Premier rubber sole make them comfortable for the long day at rocks.
  • Best fit for multi-pitch either you use them in gym or while bouldering.
  • Crack climbing feature allows you to hook well on cracks on the rocks.


  • The laceless feature makes its grip slightly looser than the shoes with laces.
  • These shoes can be used are specially designed for kids but mens can also use them as it has large sizes available too.

3. Scarpa Origin Climbing Shoe

Scarpa is another popular most brand in bouldering shoes. They have really beautifully designed and flexible shoes variety for beginner or professional climbers.


  • 100% suede makes it possible that you have a tougher shoes from outside and flexible and relaxing shoes inside.
  • Rubber sole is made of very high quality latex. This makes it more resistant while you climb on rocks.
  • Its laceless but offers a quick and tight grip.
  • Flat lasted structure allows all day comfort.


  • The price is a bit on higher side but it worths it. Price wise, it may not suite most of the beginner climbers..

4. Butora Acro Wide Fit Climbing Shoe

Butora Acro is professional climber class leader shoes. Its down-cambered shape allows you put more power to hook on rock cracks while climbing. Its also manufactured using high quality leather and rubber sole.


  • Aggressively down-cambered design allows to boulder on steep and cracked surfaces.
  • The combination of natural and synthetic leather offers more comfort either you walk or boulder.
  • Triple fork hook and loop strap allows you to replace it with your slippers. You can easily wear them on with super and tighten grip and comfort.


  • Since its designed for professional boulders and hikers, its pricey than the other folks in the market.
  • Since US sizes are bigger than EU shoe sizes, you really need to buy the exact fit for your shoes.

Final Words

Rock climbing shoes are available vast variety of colors, material and uses. The right type of these shoes can not only help you climb rocks comfortably, it will also let you stay comfortable while walking on the smooth pitch.

While choosing the bouldering shoes, research well and find the shoes which are best fit for your feet. Try buying shoes which are of intermediate or professional grade at beginning. It will allow you to use them in gym as well as cracks on the rocks.

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